Provably Fair Crypto Casino is proud to be a provably fair crypto casino that guarantees complete fairness and randomness in our games.

All of our Moonbet Original crypto casino games are 100% provably fair and can instantly be verified using the “Provably Fair” button found right on the page.

This ensures that every hand, roulette spin, and gaming round offers you the unmatched fairness that used to only be available in a real-world casino.

What are Provably Fair Casino Games?

Provably Fair casino games mean that you can independently verify the result of each game played without having to trust a third-party.

All of our Moonbet Original games have been built using Provably Fair algorithms which generate the hands using a Server Seed (provided by the casino) that interacts with the Client Seed (provided by the browser you are playing on).

The Server Seed is completely encrypted and cannot be modified by Moonbet at any time. Once it interacts with the Server Seed you provide by placing a bet, the data of the hand becomes unhashed, allowing the results to play out.

All of the results of the provably fair crypto casino games are stored in a public ledger called a Nonce. The Nonce increases by one for each hand that is played, allowing you to view the results at any time.

Provably Fair Blackjack

In our Provably Fair Crypto Blackjack game, by simply pressing the “Provably Fair” button in the top right corner, you can see all the information about the previous hand and your next hand.

This information includes the Client Seed and Server Seed, as well as the Hash Secret which has been unlocked to run the hand.

You also see the Initial Shuffle with the original order of the cards, then the Final Shuffle, which was used to deal the hands.

With Provably Fair Blackjack, you can be safe in knowing that the order of the cards have been randomly generated for unmatched fairness.

Provably Fair Roulette

Playing Provably Fair Crypto Roulette at Moonbet includes the verification of the algorithm, as well as how the spin was created using Random Number Generation.

In the example above, the first number of the Final Shuffle is 18. This is the winning number that the ball landed on after a completely random and fair spin of the wheel.

Provably Fair Baccarat

Much like in the Blackjack example, the Provably Fair Crypto Baccarat demonstrates all the information about the hashes, as well as the random shuffle mechanism.

In the above example, you can see that the Player received the Queen of Spades, the Banker the King of Diamonds, and so on.

Once again, this simply allows you to ensure that your hands come down to complete chance and cannot be cheated by Moonbet, and we can be sure that you haven’t cheated us!

Provably Fair HiLo

Playing Provably Fair Crypto HiLo is extremely important because it is crucial to be sure that the next card to come up is 100% random.

Our fairness mechanism allows you to see the initial 10 cards that have been laid out. Then, you can see that all of the following cards have been randomly generated to determine whether they will be higher or lower than the card you are on.

Provably Fair Crash

In our Provably Fair Crypto Crash game, each unique round includes a unique Hash seed used to verify the result and an MD5 value, which is the result of the Hash conversion.

To validate the fairness of any round of Crash, you can simply copy the Hash ID found in the “History” tab and paste it into this MD5 Online Hash Function Tool.

This confirms the value of the MD5 to verify the result of the Busted Value, so you can be sure that the result was predetermined and could not be changed during the game.

Provably Fair Video Poker

In Video Poker, it is very important for players to know that the cards that they are drawing will be fully randomized. As seen in the example above, Moonbet’s Provably Fair Crypto Video Poker shows exactly that.

In each hand, you are able to view the Final Shuffle, which includes the five starting cards, as well as the rest of the cards that come out when you decide to draw.

The example above shows a player that was dealt a pair of Kings to start, drew three more cards, and won 1:1 of their crypto bet.