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Crypto Betting Guide

Betting on NHL with Crypto Guide

The complete guide to win by betting on NHL with crypto!

Guide to Betting on NHL with BNB, BTC & other cryptocurrencies

Betting on NHL with crypto is quickly becoming one of the best ways for hockey fans to earn! From Canada to Sweden to Czech Republic, NHL fans around the world that are fans of the blockchain can grow their crypto bags while enjoying their favourite sport.

Our NHL crypto betting experts have created this guide to let you know how simple it is to start betting on NHL with bitcoin, ethereum, Binance coin, and other cryptocurrencies.

What is NHL Crypto Betting?

NHL crypto betting is placing wagers on the outcome of any NHL game using cryptocurrencies. Rather than betting in USD, CAD, kroners, or other fiat currencies, you can use blockchain-based coins like BTC, ETH, and others to bet.

NHL crypto betting is growing in popularity as cryptocurrencies continue to become more accepted around the world. With a total market cap of over $1 trillion USD, it is only a matter of time before betting on NHL with crypto is as common as traditional betting.

Is it Legal to Bet on Hockey with Cryptocurrency?

It is 100% legal for players to place NHL bets with cryptocurrencies, as there are not any laws against betting with bitcoin or other coins.

There are several crypto sportsbooks that offer NHL betting which are licensed and regulated by the Curacao Gaming Control Board. This means that they are completely legitimate for players to use and have to adhere to compliance regulations.

You are just reminded to make sure that online betting is legal in your jurisdiction to avoid any potential issues. However, there is no legal issue with betting on NHL with crypto!

Is Betting on NHL with Crypto Safe?

As long as you play in a licensed and regulated crypto sportsbook, then it is completely safe! In fact, many players will say that using a crypto betting platform is even more secure than using traditional sportsbooks.

Since cryptocurrency sportsbooks are based in the blockchain, there are verified records of all the transactions made between players and the sportsbook. As a player, you can be sure that your funds are sent directly into your betting account, being able to view them on a blockchain explorer.

Plus, sites that allow for NHL betting with cryptocurrencies often provide more anonominity than regular sportsbooks. This keeps your personal data private and prevents any banking information from being shared.

What NHL Bets Can I Make with Crypto?

There are literally hundreds of NHL crypto betting options available to wager one, ranging from the traditional bets to outlandish props.

Unlike in the past when crypto sportsbooks didn’t have many options, today’s books are full of prop and in-play NHL crypto bets for you to choose from.

Here are some example of crypto NHL betting markets:

Moneyline (Game Winner)
The classic NHL crypto bet, simply pick who will win the game. This bet does include overtime and penalty shots, so a winning bet is whichever team is victorious when it is all said and done.

Over/Under Betting

Another classic, over/under betting just means you need to say if the game will finish with more or less goals than the posted total. Usually 5.5 or 6.5 goals, this bet can be profitable for players who research goalies, defenses, and more.

Handicap Betting

Usually placed at -1.5, handicap NHL betting means that you can choose the favourite to win by two or more goals for a huge payout. Think the game will be close, you can take the safer option and place a bet on the underdog +1.5, meaning you win your bet if they win, tie or lose by just one goal.

60 Minutes Result

Unlike Moneyline bets, 60 Minutes Result can be either team winning or a tie in regulation. The benefit of betting on 60 Minutes Result means you get higher payouts for either team to win, but you will lose if it goes into overtime.

1st Period Winner

Know a team that gets out to a fast start every game? 1st Period Winner markets are the perfect way to cash in on NHL crypto bets within the first 20 minutes of the game. Fun fact, one year the Toronto Maple Leafs lost 19 of 20 1st Periods, meaning anybody that bet $100 on their opponents would have been up over $1500 in that stretch!

Goalscorer Betting

You can bet on who will score the first goal, the last goal, or a goal at anytime in the game. With huge payouts for scorers outside of the team’s top stars, you can definitely earn crypto by finding the right NHL goalscorer bets.

100s of Other NHL Crypto Prop Bets

There are way too many crypto NHL betting markets to list here, so the best thing to do is visit a crypto sportsbook that offers hockey betting. There, you can check all the different options available in pre-match to find the right one for you!

Do Crypto Sportsbooks Offer Live NHL Betting?

Crypto sportsbooks do offer Live NHL Betting for every single game, including the preseason and playoffs!

Since making live NHL crypto betting is a way for players to wager throughout the entire match, there are many in-play bets available.

Some in-play NHL crypto bets that you can make are:

  • Moneyline
  • Over/Under Total Game
  • Over/Under Period
  • Next Team to Score
  • Next Player to Score
  • Handicap Betting
  • Will There Be Overtime
  • Period Winner
  • Rest of Game Winner
  • 100s of More Live Betting Markets

As NHL crypto betting continues to evolve and sportsbooks offer new possibilities for players, the list of live betting markets will only continue to increase!

What Cryptos Can I Use to Bet on NHL?

You can use the world’s biggest cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance coin to bet on NHL. Plus, there are memecoins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu available for NHL crypto betting, as well as Litecoin and Tether.

Offering players a variety of cryptocurrencies to play with is key to any top crypto sportsbook. That is why there are always more coins being added on a regular basis for NHL crypto betting enthusiasts to play with.

For example, the Moonbet Crypto Sportsbook & Casino offers NHL betting with:

  • Bitcoin
  • Binance Coin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Shiba Inu
  • USDT Tether (TRC20)

What is the Best Coin for NHL Crypto Betting?

All of our experts agree that the best coin for NHL crypto betting is BNB, also known as Binance Coin.

We choose BNB for NHL betting because it is the fastest, cheapest, and easiest to transfer cryptocurrency of all the main tokens available.

With transfer speeds as quick as 30 seconds and costing less than 10 cents USD to transfer several BNB tokens, it is much faster and cheaper than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

USDT is another great cryptocurrency option for betting on NHL, as it keeps the same value as the USD to make conversions easier for players. Plus, it also takes under a minute to transfer and has nearly 0% transfer fees.

What is the Best Crypto Sportsbook for NHL Betting? is the best crypto sportsbook for NHL betting for a number of reasons! Players from around the world choose to place their NHL crypto bets at Moonbet because it is easy-to-use, offers instant deposits/withdrawals, and offers 100s of pre-match and live NHL betting options.

Here’s why experts choose Moonbet for betting on NHL with crypto:

50+ Pre-Match NHL Crypto Betting Options

From the traditional Moneyline and over/under bets to props on who will win each period, Moonbet certainly delivers the wide range of markets that NHL bettors love. By providing many options, players can go beyond picking winners of games and look for the bet they like the most.

100s of Live NHL Bets

Making live NHL bets with crypto is something quite new to the industry, but extremely popular with players. You can stay on the edge of your seat the entire game with endless in-play bets that change with every minute that passes, giving you the chance to win cryptocurrencies at any time.

Variety of Cryptos to Bet With

A majority of sportsbooks that offer crypto NHL betting only accept bitcoin. Moonbet goes beyond by offering BNB NHL bets, Ethereum NHL bets, and even memecoins like Dogecoin for NHL betting. This variety saves players time and gas fees, while also allowing fans of different cryptos to bet without having to convert their coins.

Rapid Deposits and Withdrawals

Want to place a live crypto NHL bet but don’t have much time before the market changes? No worries. You can deposit your coins and have them ready to bet with in your wallet in just a few minutes. When you win your bet, simply put in your crypto wallet address and receive your withdrawal in under 10 minutes, as well.

No KYC or Personal Information to Register

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional sportsbooks is that you need to signup with your name, birthday, address, phone number, email, ID card, passport, etc. At Moonbet, all you need is an email address to register and make your first bets! Save yourself time and the possibility of personal data leaks with a secure, anonymous crypto betting site.

How to Bet on NHL with Crypto?

Betting on NHL with crypto is very easy and can be done in just a few steps! All you need is some crypto such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin or others in your wallet.

Once you are a crypto holder and have your tokens ready, here are the steps to place your first NHL bet with crypto:

  1. Register for your crypto betting account at using only your email
  2. Verify the account by confirming the email provided
  3. Login to your account and go to the “Deposit” page
  4. Select the cryptocurrency you want to deposit with and generate the receiving address
  5. Make the transfer from your crypto wallet to the deposit address provided
  6. Once you have received the funds, visit the “Hockey” page and look for your first NHL bet
  7. Add the bet to your slip, put in the amount you would like to wager, and click “Submit”

That’s it! You are all ready to start your NHL betting journey with crypto in a process that can take as little as five minutes.

How Long Do Crypto Betting Withdrawals Take?

If you just won some crypto betting on the NHL and you would like to make a withdrawal, it will only take a few minutes!

Depending on which token you use, you may have the funds back into your crypto wallet in as little as 1 minute (Binance Coin) or up to 30 minutes (Bitcoin).

As crypto betting withdrawals are processed immediately, the time it takes to receive them more depends on the coin and network you are using. Since Bitcoin takes longer than others, you may have a bit of a wait.

But, if you use BNB for NHL crypto betting or USDT (TRC20), then you will have your funds a few minutes after submitting the withdrawal.

Is there an NHL Crypto Betting Bonus?

Yes, at Moonbet you can receive a 100% First Deposit Bonus up to $250 when you bet on NHL with crypto!

Available for all new players in the Moonbet Crypto Sportsbook & Casino, all you need to do is register, make a deposit, and you instantly receive $250 in bonus funds to bet with in the platform.

Learn everything you need to know about the best crypto deposit bonus online here.

Get Started Betting on Hockey with Crypto Now

If you are ready to start winning crypto betting on the NHL then all you need to do is register at

With 100s of NHL crypto betting options and a free $250 deposit bonus for all new players, you have everything you need to get started!

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