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Betting on Cricket with Crypto Guide

Learn to bet on cricket with crypto from our wagering experts.

Guide to Betting on Cricket with Crypto

Are you a fan of cricket and into the amazing world of blockchain? Then, you may be surprised to learn that betting on cricket with crypto is quickly becoming popular around the world!

From India to Australia to the United Kingdom, countries that have a longstanding cricket tradition are turning to cryptocurrencies to bet on their favourite sport.

Our experts explore the cricket crypto betting world and how you can become a part of it.

Can I Bet on Cricket with Crypto?

Absolutely, you can bet on cricket with crypto!

Quickly growing in popularity around the world, cryptocurrencies are certainly the future of not only the financial world, but the betting world.

This means that cricket fans can use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Binance Coin to bet on cricket online. All you need to do is find an crypto sportsbook that offers cricket betting and you can start placing your bets.

Is Betting on Cricket with Crypto Legal?

Yes, betting on cricket with cryptocurrency is 100% legal!

Players just need to make sure that betting online is legal in their jursidiction to be safe. However, it is completely legal to take part in cricket betting with Bitcoin and other currencies around the world.

Are Sportsbooks that Allow Cricket Crypto Bets Licensed?

There are a number of licensed crypto sportsbooks that allow for cricket betting which are licensed, including

It is encouraged that players only use licensed crypto sportsbooks to ensure safety and fairness. Betting on cricket with crypto in an unlicensed sportsbook could cause a number of issues for players, including lost funds and inability to withdraw.

Nearly all licensed crypto sportsbooks hold a Curacao Gaming Control Board license, as it is the only regulatory body that accepts cryptocurrency betting at the moment.

What Types of Cricket Bets with Crypto Can I Make?

You can make all of the same types of cricket bets that you would at a traditional online sportsbook with cryptocurrency.

Some of the types of cricket crypto bets you can place are:

Match Winner Bets

Bet on the winner of the cricket match with cryptocurrency. This is the most simple and straightforward cricket bet to make for players.

Total Runs Betting

Bet on the total number of runs in the cricket match. Again, another popular bet because you just have to choose if the total runs will be over or under the given amount.

Total Fours / Sixes

Another over/under bet, simply select whether the amount of fours or sixes in the match will be higher or lower than the amount offered by the crypto sportsbook.

Team with Top Batter / Bowler

A popular bet with those who have an in-depth knowledge of players. This crypto cricket bet means you need to select which team will have the batter or bowler with the best performance in the match.

Other Cricket Proposition Bets

With today’s online cricket betting markets, there are always hundreds of new betting possibilities. The best thing is for you to visit the Cricket Crypto Betting page to see all the different markets on offer.

Can I Place Cricket Player Bets with Crypto?

Of course, you can place a wide range of cricket player bets with crypto at

In addition to all standard markets for betting on cricket with crypto, there are also 100+ player markets for each match.

The individual player bets that can be placed with cryptocurrency include:

  • Total Player Runs per Inning
  • Top Individual Batter per Team
  • Top Individual Batter per Inning
  • Any Player to Score 100 – Yes/No
  • Amount of Player Fours
  • Amount of Player Sixes
  • Top Bowler per Inning
  • Top Team Bowler
  • Over/Under Runs per Player
  • Player Runs Matchups
  • And Many More

Can I Place Live Bets on Cricket with Crypto

Yes, you can place live bets on cricket with crypto in the Moonbet Crypto Sportsbook and Casino!

As soon as a match begins, there are a whole new set of live betting markets for you to wager on.

The best part? With every bowl, every inning and every run that occurs, there is an update in the betting odds. This means that you can enjoy betting on cricket with crypto throughout the entire match.

Even if a match can’t be won by your favourite team, you can still continue to place live bets on the total number of runs, player run totals, bets per inning, and much more!

Which Cryptos Can I Bet on Cricket With?

You can bet on cricket with Bitcoin, Ethereum and a wide range of the other major cryptocurrencies from the blockchain world.

As cryptocurrency continues to grow in popularity, more possibilities are being added to online sportsbooks.

At you can use the following for betting on cricket with crypto:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Binance Coin
  • Dogecoin
  • Shiba Inu
  • Litecoin
  • Tether USDT
  • More Added Monthly

By offering more cryptocurrency betting options than simply Bitcoin, players have more opportunity to deposit, play with, and withdraw for cricket crypto bets.

Can I Bet on Cricket with Binance Coin (BNB)?

Yes, you can bet on cricket with Binance Coin (BNB) in the Moonbet Crypto Sportsbook.

Quickly becoming one of the most important cryptocurrencies in the world, BNB is now the third-largest crypto on the planet. This means more holders and more potential bettors, so it is being integrated in some crypto sportsbooks.

With its low fees and lightning-quick transaction speed, we believe that Binance Coin is the best cryptocurrency to use for cricket betting.

What Cricket Leagues Can I Bet on with Cryptocurrency?

You can place crypto cricket bets on all the major leagues and international tournaments around the world, plus some of the smaller ones.

In order to provide an unmatched experience for players betting on cricket with crypto, there are a wide variety of leagues for you to bet on.

Some competitions for crypto cricket bettors to wager on include:

  • The Ashes
  • International ODI Series
  • Interntional T20 Series
  • ICC Cricket World Cup
  • Indian Premier League
  • Pakistan Super League
  • Caribbean Premier League
  • Bangladesh Premier League
  • Big Bash Australia
  • Sheffield Shield
  • Vincy Premier League T10
  • Plunket Shield
  • Sri Lanka Premier League

With new cricket tournaments always popping up, players can view all the new additions on the Moonbet Cricket Crypto Betting page.

Can I Bet on Indian Premier League with Crypto?

You can bet on the Indian Premier League with crypto including Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Ethereum, and several other top blockchain projects around the world. is the world’s top cricket crypto sportsbook, allowing players from over 150 countries place bets on the IPL with cryptocurrency.

With 100s of unique IPL crypto betting markets on every match including pre-match and live, it is a great way for IPL fans to get into the match at all times!

Why Bet on Cricket with Crypto?

There are a number of advantages to betting on cricket with crypto rather than using a traditional online bookie:

Rapid Deposits and Withdrawals

Cryptocurrency transfers can take as little as 30 seconds to get your funds into your account for betting. This speed is crucial for players who like live betting, as you can fund your account and place bets in under a minute, meaning you never miss out on the action!

Then, once you have made your winnings, you can receive them rapidly into your crypto wallet.

No Personal Information to Register

Are you tired of having to send all your personal information in order to create an online betting account? Moonbet only requires you to verify your email address before being able to create a crypto betting account. This saves time and keeps your personal information safe!

More Security

Choosing to bet on cricket with crypto rather than fiat is more secure for you, as a player. Without any third-parties such as banks or payment processing firms accessing your information during the process, you can be sure that both your funds and identity are safe.

1000s of Cricket Betting Markets

In previous years, betting on cricket with crypto meant that you had a few markets available such as match winner. Now, there are crypto sportsbooks that offer robust markets with everything from player props to live innings bets, making it a well-rounded experience for any bettor.

Is There a Cricket Crypto Betting Bonus?

You can receive $250 in bonus funds by betting on cricket with crypto at

This 100% Welcome Bonus Offer is available to all new players that register and includes a matching of your first deposit.

It is the best crypto betting bonus for cricket players and gives you the chance to make your first cricket crypto bet risk-free!

What is the Best Crypto Cricket Sportsbook

With 100s of options for betting on cricket with crypto, instant deposits and withdrawals, a $250 Deposit Bonus, and much more, is the best crypto cricket sportsbook.

You can start your journey by registering at Moonbet Crypto Sportsbook & Casino now to place your first bet on cricket with cryptocurrency.

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