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Crypto Betting Guide

How to Bet on Premier League with Crypto – The Complete Guide

Looking to bet on the Premier League with crypto? Our experts break down all you need to know about placing your first crypto bets on the top league in the world!

premier league crypto betting
Bet on Premier League with Crypto Using this Guide

Are you a premier league fan that holds Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin or other cryptocurrencies? Our experts break down how you can bet on the Premier League with crypto, helping you grow your bag while enjoying the top league in the world!

Can I Bet on Premier League with Crypto?

Yes, you can certainly bet on the Premier League with crypto!

As cryptocurrencies continue to grow worldwide, it means that crypto betting is growing as well. Cryptocurrency sportsbooks allow players to bet on the Premier League with bitcoin, dogecoin, and a variety of other blockchain-based currencies.

You can bet on the Premier League with crypto as long as you can find a crypto sportsbook that serves your jurisdiction.

What Cryptos Can I Use to Bet on Premier League?

While players used to only be able to bet on Premier League with bitcoin, that is all changing.

With 1000s of cryptocurrencies projects around the world, crypto sportsbooks are now allowing betting with a wider range of coins.

You can bet on Premier League with these cryptos:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Binance Coin
  • Litecoin
  • USDT Tether
  • Dogecoin
  • Shiba Inu

There are always more Premier League crypto betting options coming out as well, so be sure to check back on a regular basis in your sportsbook.

Is it Legal to Bet on Premier League with Crypto?

It is completely legal to bet on Premier League with crypto!

Players only need to ensure that they are legally allowed to place bets within their jurisdiction, as some countries may restrict online betting in general.

However, if you are a player that is able to use an online sportsbook, then there is no reason why you can’t place a bet on Premier League with crypto.

Are Crypto Sportsbooks Licensed and Regulated?

Any good crypto sportsbook will be licensed and regulated, providing protection to all of their players.

Unfortunately, there are many online crypto sportsbooks that are not licensed or regulated by any governing body. This can be problematic for players that have an issue with the site, as there are no ways to legally resolve an issue.

We recommend that you ONLY bet on Premier League with crypto at licensed, regulated, and established cryptocurrency sportsbooks online.

What Premier League Bets with Crypto Can I Make?

Premier League crypto betting has taken huge strides since the first bitcoin sportsbooks, meaning that players now have many options to bet.

For example, the Moonbet Crypto Sportsbook & Casino offers 100s markets for players to find the perfect bet for them!

Here are some of the markets that you can make a Premier League crypto bet on:

Match Winner: The classic Premier League bet, Match Winner is also known as 1×2. Simply predict whether the 90 minutes will end in a home win, draw, or away win. Placing a Premier League crypto bet on Match Winner can yield huge results, as some underdogs can be priced up to 15x your money!

Over/Under: Another classic bet, all you need to do is predict if the number of goals will be over or under the set total. Usually placed at a total of 2.5, an under bet wins on a game with 0, 1 or 2 goals, while anything over 3 goals nets the “over” a victory.

Handicap: When one team is much better than the other, the oddsmakers will create a handicap to balance out the betting. Premier League crypto bets on the handicap means that you can earn more by betting on a favourite, but they need to cover the spread set out.

Halftime/Fulltime: If you believe one team will control the match from start-to-finish, then this is the bet for you! This market means that the team needs to be ahead at halftime and win the match, paying out a lot more crypto for your Premier League bet.

Corners Betting: You can place crypto bets on the Premier League corners markets in a number of ways. From the over/under of total corners to the amount of corners by one team in one half, there is lots of value for teams that play on the wings.

Cards Betting: Fancy the referee to book many players? You can place crypto cards bets on how many players will receive cards, will there be a red, and other bookings-related markets.

Special Bets: There are literally 100s of other Premier League crypto bets to be made each matchday! Sort through to find the one that you like and start earning crypto today.

Is there Live Premier League Betting with Crypto?

Of course, you can place in-play Premier League bets with crypto!

As soon as each Premier League match begins, there are a whole new set of crypto betting markets that open up and change with every play.

From traditional Match Winner crypto betting markets to corners to “Who will score the next goal”, you can stay involved in the match until the very last kick. is considered the best sportsbook for live Premier League crypto betting, as 1000s of markets are on offer within each match!

What is the Minimum Crypto Bet on the Premier League?

To help players from all around the world enjoy betting on the Premier League with crypto, the minimum bets are very low.

Depending on the market, you can see minimum bets of as low as $0.25 USD value of the crypto you choose to place the bet with.

This means that you can also make some low-risk but very high-reward multiple bets on the matches for massive payouts!

What is the Maximum Premier League Crypto Bet Amount?

The maximum amount you can bet on the Premier League with crypto depends on the market, but can range between $1,500 USD to $10,000 USD.

There are differences between main markets such as Match Winner having higher limits and prop bets such as bookings seeing much smaller ones.

The only way to know for sure is to visit the crypto sportsbook and add the desired market to your betting slip. Then, put in the amount you want to bet and a message will let you know if you are over the maximum bet limit.

Can I Bet on Premier League with BNB (Binance Coin)?

Yes, you can bet on the Premier League with BNB at today!

Everybody knows that bitcoin has been the standard for crypto sports betting sites for several years, but Binance Coin has quickly become the 3rd-most used cryptocurrency in the world.

Due to its fast transaction time and very low gas fees, BNB is becoming a top choice for bettors. In fact, Moonbet confirms that a majority of its players use BNB to bet on Premier League in 2022.

Find out more about betting on sports with BNB in the Binance Coin Betting Guide.

Can I Bet on Premier League with Dogecoin?

You can bet on Premier League with Dogecoin at as well!

This is one of the most often-asked questions by crypto sports bettors as Dogecoin has become the world’s most famous memecoin. Dogecoin Premier League betting is definitely a thing.

Just like betting on Premier League with bitcoin or any other crypto, you can use Doge to place your bets all the same.

Is there a Premier League Betting Bonus?

Yes, you can take advantage of a crypto betting bonus when looking to gamble on the Premier League with bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, USDT, Dogecoin, and more.

There are two types of Premier League crypto betting bonuses to receive:

Crypto Betting Welcome Bonus: currently offers a Crypto Betting Welcome Bonus of 100% of your first deposit up to $250. This means that when you register with their crypto sportsbook and make a deposit, they will give you up to $250 in bonus funds.

Weekly Betting Bonus: While the Welcome Bonus targets new players, there are also weekly betting bonuses available. Each Friday, an email is sent to all players providing them with a special offer for one match on the weekend. From risk-free bets to “lose and get refunded” offers, there is always a Premier League Crypto Betting bonus for players.

Why Bet on Premier League with Crypto?

There are a number of reasons why you should be on Premier League with crypto instead of traditional currency.

As the world continues to move in the direction of crypto, using coins to bet rather than fiat offers a number of advantages to players.

Immediate Deposit & Withdrawal

Any experienced online sportsbook player understands that depositing and withdrawing with fiat can be a hassle. Long delays, questions from your bank, wire transfers to receive payouts, etc. all mean there can be long delays.

Crypto changes all of that. You can now deposit and have your funds available to play within one minute, then receive a withdrawal instantly when taking out your winnings!

No KYC to Start Playing

Tired of filling out dozens of fields about yourself anytime you start a new sportsbook account? The Moonbet Crypto Sportsbook & Casino only requires your email to be verified before you can start playing.

That means within two minutes, you can have your account created, funded, and place your first bet!

1000s of Premier League Betting Options

Several years ago, you could say that betting on the Premier League with crypto meant there would hardly be any options. Since then, crypto betting has evolved to the point where sportsbooks have the same markets as the biggest books worldwide.

If you want to make pre-match or in-play crypto bets on Premier League, then you have limitless options now!

Amazing Crypto Betting Bonuses

To help gain traction in the world of betting, crypto sportsbooks offer fantastic bonuses to new players.

For example, Moonbet offers a $250 Crypto Betting Welcome Bonus on all new deposits. That means when you deposit $250 of any available crypto, you receive $250 in bonus funds for the sportsbook.

Plus, there are weekly betting offers to reward existing players with risk-free bets or refunds!

What is the Best Crypto Sportsbook for Premier League Betting? is the best crypto sportsbook for Premier League betting because of the large number of cryptos accepted, $250 Welcome Bonus, 1000s of pre-match and live betting markets, and more!

Plus, Moonbet is the world’s first and only community-owned crypto sportsbook! Rather than being owned by a corporation, Moonbet disperses the profits among all MBET token holders.

With a 5-Star Trustpilot rating and favourable reviews from players online, it is definitely the best place to bet on the Premier League with crypto.

How Do I Start Betting on Premier League with Crypto?

You can start betting on Premier League with crypto in just three easy steps, which also include receiving your free $250 Welcome Bonus!

  1. Register at with only your email to get started!
  2. Once your email if verified, make your first deposit with any crypto.
  3. Receive your free betting bonus and place your first Premier League bet with crypto!

If you have any questions about betting on the Premier League with crypto, you can always join the Moonbet community at for assistance.

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