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The Best Crash Betting Strategy Guide

Our betting experts offer the best Crash betting strategy to take your profits to the moon!

best Crash betting strategy
The Guide for Best Crash Betting Strategy

Do you want to win money playing Crash? Our online betting experts explore the best Crash betting strategy to send your profits to the moon (without crashing back down)!

What is Crash?

Crash is one of the most exciting new betting games because it is simple, fun, and can offer a huge return on your bets.

The idea is simple: a rocket takes off from a 0.0x betting multiplier. As it goes higher, the odds multiplier continues to grow. Players have to cash-out their bets to receive the multiplier…before the rocket crashes and leaves them with nothing!

Players place their bets before the launch and can either set an automatic cash-out or cash-out manually by clicking the button while the odds are rising.

Can I win money playing Crash?

crash betting strategy to win big!
Winning big profits playing Crash!

You can definitely win money playing Crash! As long as you have the right Crash betting strategy, you can turn a small amount into 1000x your original bet.

So, what are the best strategies to make a profit playing Crash? Here’s a guide on all the strategies we have seen used and how effective they actually are:

4. Martingale Crash Betting Strategy

The Martingale betting system is one of the oldest around. Based on the principle of doubling the amount of your bet after a loss, the theory is that eventually a win will come you way.

By doubling the amount of your original bet after each loss, a win will cover the previous losses and then some profit.

The Martingale Crash Betting System

Just like using the Martingale system for blackjack or roulette, in Crash you would begin with a small stake such as $1 at a cash-out of 2x.

Should the rocket crash before the 2x multiplier, you would put down $2 at a cash-out of 2x on the next launch. If you win, you are left with $4 total, covering your initial $1 loss, $2 second stake, and leaving you with $1 in profit!

Why the Martingale Crash betting strategy works

The Martingale Crash strategy is based on the idea that 50% of the Crash games should end in over 2x, while 50% will end before.

By using the Martingale Crash system, you should theoretically get a win on either the first, second, or even third launch. This would mean a guaranteed profit of at least your original bet, leaving you a winner!

Why the Martingale Crash betting strategy doesn’t work

The reason why the Martingale system doesn’t work in general is simple: a long streak of bad luck.

Whether it is a dealer getting 20 or 21 for ten hands in a row or red coming up in roulette 30 straight times, the 50% rate of win doesn’t not always balance out in the short term.

In Crash, it is completely possible that there are 10 straight crashes before the 2x multiplier. Even starting with a $1 bet, it would mean a starting bet of $1 would lead to a $512 bet by the 10th launch.

The Martingale Crash system verdict

You can certainly have short-term success using Martingale to win money playing crash. But, we recommend that you keep your stakes low as a few losses can result in large bets you may not be able to afford or are above the maximum bet limits.

3. Anti-Martingale Crash Betting Strategy

While the traditional Martingale crash betting strategy uses a double-up on losses, the anti-Martingale does the opposite.

Focusing on making the most out of a hot streak, you increase your bet after a win and decrease your bet after a loss. This Crash betting strategy maximizes the profits on winning streaks and reduces losses on losing ones.

The anti-Martingale Crash Betting System

Using the same principles as the original Martingale Crash betting system, the anti-Martingale doubles up a bet size after a win, but bets 1/2 the amount after a loss.

For the first Crash launch, you bet $1 at a 2x multiplier. If your bet wins, then the next bet you make will be $2, where another win would give you $3 total profit and a loss would leave you down just $1 from your original balance.

If your first $1 bet is a loss at a 2x multiplier, then you would only bet $0.50 on the next one. That way, if you lose both you have a slight loss, but a win would leave you almost at your original stake.

Why the anti-Martingale Crash betting strategy works

By continuing to double up on a winning streak, you can make a lot of money…fast! All it stakes is four good Crash rounds in a row to 8x your original stake.

On the other side, reducing your bets on a losing streak prevents your balance from disappearing when things go wrong. This idea is why the anti-Martingale Crash betting system has become a favourite of players around the world.

Why the anti-Martingale Crash betting strategy doesn’t work

The only real negative to the anti-Martingale system for Crash is that one loss towards the end of a hot streak can wipe out your earnings.

To counter this, all you need to do is to make sure you set a target of profits that you want to reach before re-starting the system.

For example, if your Crash bet wins on three straight and you know have 6x your original bet, you can take those profits and begin with the original stake again.

The anti-Martingale Crash system verdict

A good strategy to ride the hot streaks to big profits without losing much on a losing streak.

Just make sure to stay disciplined and take your profits when they are there!

2. High Cash-Out Crash Betting Strategy

Set your cash-out multiplier high and play with small stakes to see big wins!

This Crash betting strategy is for players looking to hit that big score to take a small stake into a giant payday. But, does it actually work?

The High Cash-Out Crash Betting System

big profits playing crash strategy
Low stakes for big profits playing Crash!

Just as the name suggests, this profitable Crash betting strategy is all about big wins.

You simply place your cash-out multiplier at a number between 5x and all the way up to 20x. Then, as long as you hit a winner once out of 5 launches (or 20 launches at 20x), you will make a profit playing Crash.

One great way to use this system is to watch the previous Crash rounds. If you see that there hasn’t been a large multiplier in over ten rounds, then you can give it a try.

Based on the math of Crash, you should see a multiplier over 5x once every six or so rounds. So if you have already seen a streak without a big win, it’s time to get your money in!

Why the high cash-out Crash betting strategy works

The high cash-out Crash betting strategy works because it is a very low-risk, high-reward system.

Mainly used by players that have a small starting balance that are looking to win big, just a few high multipliers let you make a profit playing Crash.

Much like the anti-Martingale Crash system, this strategy can mean huge rewards on a hot streak. We have witnessed a run of four Crash games that all went over 10x multipliers, meaning somebody using this system could have seen 20x their original stake in a few minutes!

Why the high cash-out Crash betting strategy doesn’t work

To put it simply, you may not see the high multipliers for a while.

This is obviously the Crash betting system that relies on some good fortune, as a long streak of rounds crashing before 5x would mean no wins.

However, if you want to play low stakes but potentially see some high rewards, then there isn’t much to lose using the high cash-out Crash betting strategy.

The high cash-out Crash system verdict

A perfectly fine Crash betting system to try when you don’t have a big bankroll, but want to go for a huge win.

Be patient, wait for long runs of no high multipliers, then make your move for a shot at up to 20x your money!

1. The Low Cash-Out Crash Betting Strategy

This is our favourite because it is proven to be the most effective strategy to make a profit playing Crash.

Lower multipliers. More wins. This system values protecting your starting balance and slowly but steadily earning profits!

The Low Cash-Out Crash Betting System

low cash-out Crash betting strategy
An example of low cash-out Crash betting for a nice win!

Exactly as the name says, this Crash betting system is all about keeping your cash-out multipliers low.

We suggest anything in the 1.30 to 1.40 cash-out multiplier range. By placing larger bets at these low multipliers, you are projected to cash-out at approximately 70% of the time.

This means that you are still generating a solid return on your investment and rarely losing your bets. By protecting your investment, you can use this system over the long-term to keep earning a profit playing Crash without worry!

Why the low cash-out Crash betting strategy works

The low cash-out Crash betting strategy works because it values regular wins over big payouts.

Consistently winning at Crash for multipliers of 1.30x to 1.40x offers an ROI of 30% to 40%, without risking your initial investment.

You can also inject a little bit of anti-Martingale system into this one by increasing your bets as you continue to win. This sliding scale of betting results in growing profits as time goes on while keeping you safe against a losing streak.

Why the high cash-out Crash betting strategy doesn’t work

There isn’t much that can go wrong with this Crash betting system. As with any game of chance, a long losing streak can wipe out your profits and bankroll.

But, it is highly unlikely that there will be long streaks of Crash rounds that end before 1.30x, meaning you should see nearly 2x more wins than losses.

To protect yourself further from a bad streak, you can also be patient and wait out any times where there have been multiple low crashes.

The low cash-out Crash system verdict

We give this Crash betting strategy an A because it is simple, delivers many more wins than losses, and when done right will result in long-term Crash profits.

Increase your bet sizes as profits grow to see you win more, quicker!

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