Become an Owner of a Crypto Casino Today!

Would you like to own a crypto sportsbook and casino? With Moonbet, you can!

The Moonbet Ecosystem is the world’s first community-owned iGaming platform. This means that anybody in the world can become an owner of simply by holding the MBET token.

How to Become a Moonbet Owner

  1. Register at
  2. Purchase the MBET token using USDT
  3. Hold the MBET token in your Trust Wallet or MetaMask

Why Become an MBET Holder?

Holding the MBET token makes you an owner of our crypto casino and sportsbook.That means that just by holding the MBET token, you are entitled to:

Profit Sharing

We are sharing 50% of the net profits earned by and our entire ecosystem to our community. Using an algorithm built on the Binance Smart Chain, profits will be automatically distributed to the wallets of those holding MBET.

Distribution of profits will be based on the amount of MBET you have in your wallet. Hold a higher percentage of the MBET circulating supply, earn more profit!

Community Decisions

As we move the Moonbet Ecosystem forward, being part of the community means you will have a say in our direction! From adding new games to accepting new coins in our crypto casino, the community will be the driving force behind decisions in our platform.

Of course, we are still being led by a team of iGaming and blockchain experts! But, we believe that the true growth comes from our holders.

MBET Marketing Initiatives

You can earn more MBET tokens by participating in community marketing contests. These help the entire Moonbet community by bringing players into our crypto sportsbook and casino, while allowing you to grow your MBET holdings.

From social media to affiliate contests, you can help yourself, the community, and the Moonbet project by boosting brand awareness!

Become Part of the Future of Crypto Betting Today

To learn more about the Moonbet community, please join us at